• Gaziantep
  • Turkey
  • AvailabilityFull-Time
  • Experience1 - 2 Year
  • Salary : 25000 TRY - 30000 TRY Monthly


Incentive Gaziantep, Turkey

Full Job Description

Inventory management & stock control:

o (Re-)Orders materials and/or equipment where needed, registers these in the relevant databases / systems, provides input on performance of suppliers and inspects, manages and maintains materials, tools and/or equipment on stock, in order to have an optimal availability of materials / equipment for both production and delivery and timely identification of bottlenecks / inadequacies in the logistics processes.

Inbound goods and storing:

o Coordinates the intake of incoming materials and/or equipment as well as checks and registers for quantity, damages and completeness and organizations location for unloading and storage, (ensures) unloading / labeling the materials and/or equipment and ensures storing of the items at the defined location/warehouse at the right position. Checks the completeness and visual quality conformance of delivered materials and/or equipment, in order have all materials and/or equipment ready for efficient distribution to internal customers.

Order handling:

o Receives and processes orders of (internal and external) customers and selects, checks, packs and/or distributes the required materials and/or equipment to customers and to the required location, either in cooperation with / through warehouse staff or directly self, in order to ensure efficient, in-time and correct delivery of materials and/or equipment for the internal and external customers to the required location.

Outbound goods and transport planning scheduling:

o Ensures that goods and materials are transport-ready, including the dispatch / delivery papers / notes and accompanying documents for the drivers, and the calling of transportation.

o Supports and/or provides input into routing and scheduling of vehicles based on customer records and requests, in order to fully meet customer expectations and to have an optimal scheduling and routing of vehicles.

o Arranges transportation / carriages for delivery / transport of goods / materials to internal and external customers

Systems and Administration:

o Executes the administrate intake and distribution of materials and/or equipment in relevant systems, registration of hours and other relevant logistics administration to provide relevant reports to stakeholders, in order to have an up-to-date administration and insight in availability and throughput of materials and/or equipment as a basis for stock keeping and internal accounting. Ensures that order handling, quotations, administration, supporting IT systems, and maintenance of master data are in line with the set (Nutreco) standard in order to achieve high quality logistics processes

Customer satisfaction:

o Manage customer relationships, ensure that all customer requests are handled appropriately to maintain customer confidence. External customer satisfaction and sustainable customer relations, positive customer feedback is received.

Continuous improvement:

o Monitors, measures, benchmarks and evaluates the internal and external logistics processes, tools and systems and initiates and implements changes and improvements to achieve a continuous optimization and alignment of logistics (work) processes, tools and systems.


  • Ensures compliance with all operating, safety, quality, risk and health regulations.

Other duties:

o May perform a wide range of other warehouse / logistics support and administrative tasks and perform special project duties as assigned.

  • Databases
  • GIS systems
  • Materials
  • Dispatching
  • Logistics Consulting
  • External Agencies
  • Availability Full-Time
  • Education Bachelor
  • Experience 1 - 2 Year
  • Gender No Preference
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